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Correction: Ten simple rules to colorize biological data visualization

  • Georges Hattab,
  • Theresa-Marie Rhyne,
  • Dominik Heider
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In Fig 1, the Monochromatic harmony appears twice, so the depiction of the Analogous harmony on the color wheel is erroneous. The authors have provided a corrected version here.

Fig 1. Example of 3 color harmonies in the key of cyan.

These harmonies were created using the Adobe Color web tool ( They are color blind friendly palettes and are presented in Web Hex format. Monochromatic: 2C7C9D, 65BFDA, 39484C. Analogous: 5FE896, 5FF3E3, 3CA7D2, 1E78EF, 1938E3. Complementary: 22607C, 3CA6D0, 4CCFFA, D06D21, 7B3514.


  1. 1. Hattab G, Rhyne T-M, Heider D (2020) Ten simple rules to colorize biological data visualization. PLoS Comput Biol 16(10): e1008259. pmid:33057327