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Correction: Ten Simple Rules for Selecting a Postdoctoral Position

  • Philip E Bourne,
  • Iddo Friedberg
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24 Nov 2006: Bourne PE, Friedberg I (2006) Ten Simple Rules for Selecting a Postdoctoral Position. PLOS Computational Biology 2(11): e121. View correction

In PLoS Computational Biology, volume 2, issue 11: doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.0020121

In the author affiliation section, Dr. Iddo Friedberg should have been listed as a research scientist (instead of as a research assistant).

In the section called Rule 1: Select a Position That Excites You, the sentence, “Just because the mentor is excited about the project does not mean that you will be six months into it.”, had the two words “that” and “you” switched.