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Modular analysis of the control of flagellar Ca2+-spike trains produced by CatSper and CaV channels in sea urchin sperm

Fig 2

Numerical solution of the Upstream module overlaid with experimental data obtained in bulk sperm populations.

The model with state space {S, RF, RH, RL, G, ,, V}) was fitted to the cGMP concentration data measured on sperm populations stimulated at t = 0 with a SAP pulse S0 = 25 nM (data points read from the graphs in publications [22] and [10] for cGMP and V, respectively; see also S5 Fig). In the top graph, receptor activation dynamics and SAP consumption are shown. The middle graph displays cGMP concentration dynamics in the model (G, line) and the respective experimental measurements (dots) in nM. The bottom graph, shows two separate model solutions with KCNG+spHCN (solid black) and KCNG only (dotted; obtained by setting ghc=0). See main text for further details.

Fig 2