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DetEdit: A graphical user interface for annotating and editing events detected in long-term acoustic monitoring data

Fig 2

Visualization of acoustic data in the DetEdit interface.

Seven panels are displayed with three over the event period: (A) RLpp, (B) LTSA, (C) time interval between detections; and four other showing various detection metrics and details: (D) normalized spectral density, (E) normalized waveforms, (F) RLpp versus transformed RLrms, and (G) peak frequencies versus transformed RLrms for sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) signal detections with true detections as blue, manually identified false detections of delphinid signals as red, and one detection using the selection tool displayed as black. All detections from the recording are shown in gray on the background if specified by the user to ease comparison of distributions across bouts. Customized classification thresholds are displayed as thin red lines (F and G).

Fig 2