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DetEdit: A graphical user interface for annotating and editing events detected in long-term acoustic monitoring data

Fig 1

Schematic representation of the DetEdit workflow.

The workflow is a multi-step process where the user: (1) creates a Long Term Spectral Average (LTSA, see Workflow section for details) of the complete long-term acoustic recording, (2) provides detections to create a TPWS (start Time, Peak-to-peak received sound pressure level, Waveform, Spectrum) file or executes a simple energy detector, (3) creates LTSAs per bout, (4) executes the interface DetEdit to annotate detections, and (5) identify false positive detections. If desired, histograms and plots are created to summarize the annotated data. The schematic workflow includes functions (white boxes), data files (gray boxes), and optional steps (dashed lines).

Fig 1