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The origin of biological homochirality along with the origin of life

Fig 6

Events occurring in the modeling system and relevant parameters.

The background is a grid room. Note: besides nucleotides and nucleotide precursors, RNA molecules may also move into the room or outwards (see the two stars), with a probability in positive relation to PMN but in reverse relation to its chain length (see Methods for details). Theoretically, both D- and L-types of NSR (nucleotide synthetase ribozyme) or those of REP (RNA replicase ribozyme) may occur in the system, and here we only show the D-type ones just for conciseness–corresponding to the cases shown in the results of this paper (Fig 4). Also for simplification, we draw here the surface-mediated synthesis and the template-directed synthesis in a way as if only monomers are able to incorporate, but actually, oligomers may also act as substrates–see Methods for a detailed description of relevant events in the model.

Fig 6