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Eco-evolutionary agriculture: Host-pathogen dynamics in crop rotations

Fig 2

Host-pathogen ecological dynamics, within and between seasons.

a) Dynamics between seasons. After each harvest, initial host density (h(0) = 50) is reinitialised and pathogen density is readjusted according to the pathogen retainment (ϵ = 0.5). b) Dynamics within a season, when there is a susceptible cash crop (i = 1). Host density decreases due to the presence of the pathogen, while the pathogen load increases as long as there are enough crops to infect. c) Dynamics within a season, when there is a non-host cover crop (i = 2). The cover crop maintains its output while remaining unaffected by the pathogen. The pathogen dies since it cannot grow on the cover crop. Both b) and c) show how the dynamics would continue without the harvest.

Fig 2