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A novel network control model for identifying personalized driver genes in cancer

Fig 4

The performance evaluation of different single sample network construction methods and network control methods.

(a) The significant enrichment F-scores of NCUA on personalized state transition networks constructed by Paired-SSN (the first step of our PNC), SSN and LIONESS. (b)The enrichment F-scores of NCUA (the second step of our PNC) and other structure based network control methods (MMS and MDS and DFVS) on the paired SSN networks (the first step of our PNC) in the list of CCG and NCG genes. (c) The enrichment F-scores of PNC with gene interaction network used in this work (Network 1) and other references (Network 2, Network 3) and the gene interaction network from STRING data set (scores>900) (Network 4) and the gene interaction network with top 10000 high scores from STRING data set (Network 5) and our filleted reliable gene interaction network (Network 6) and our filleted unreliable gene interactions network (Network 7).

Fig 4