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Contrasting the impact of cytotoxic and cytostatic drug therapies on tumour progression

Fig 3

Case primary tumour declines.

Isocontours for therapy success (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, with upmost contours representing smallest values) from Eq 8 for cytotoxic treatments (blue) and cytostatic treatments (red). Shown is the plane in metastasis rate (K μ) and mutation probability (K γ) multiplied by the population size at carrying capacity. Black thick line shows the transition from cytostatic better (left side) to cytotoxic better (right side) which takes place at β0γ = μ. Low turnover case (β0 = 0.42, δ0 = 0.02, Δ = 0.2001), simulation data plotted with dashed lines. Primary tumour decayed with rate r0 = −0.001.

Fig 3