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The role of intracellular interactions in the collective polarization of tissues and its interplay with cellular geometry

Fig 4

Comparison of the polarization stability in systems with local and nonlocal upregulating interactions, but identical cellular geometries and initial conditions (for each value of the geometric disorder).

The magnitude of stochastic noise equals η0 = 0.1 in all cases. (a1) illustrates a polarized initial condition in a tissue with small geometric disorder ϵ0 = 0.45. (a2) and (a3) show the steady-state angular distributions of dipoles in the same tissue with LA-NLI and NLA-NLI mechanisms, respectively. The same quantities are depicted in (b1), (b2) and (b3), but in tissue with large geometric disorder ϵ0 = 0.6. Loss of angular coherence in (b3), indicates that the absence of nonlocal upregulating interactions makes polarity susceptible to stochastic noises in disordered tissues.

Fig 4