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EAGLE: An algorithm that utilizes a small number of genomic features to predict tissue/cell type-specific enhancer-gene interactions

Fig 7

Chromatin states of interacting or non-interacting enhancers/promoters marked by related TFs or epigenetic modifications.

(A) Density analysis and heatmaps for enhancers using enhancer marks (H3K4me1, H3K27ac, and H3K9ac). (B) Density analysis and heatmap for promoters using promoter marks (RAD21, CTCF, and H3K4me3). Total 7531 interacting and 1491 non-interacting enhancers in GM12878 were used for this analysis. Red lines marked the mean signal of the interacting enhancers (A) or promoters (B), while blue lines labeled the non-interacting elements. The p-value and log base 2 fold change (L2FC) in each plot indicated the statistically significant difference between interacting elements and non-interacting ones.

Fig 7