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Fly-QMA: Automated analysis of mosaic imaginal discs in Drosophila

Fig 3

Automated correction of fluorescence bleedthrough in the larval eye.

(A) Low, medium, and high expression levels of the RFP-tagged clonal marker. (B) GFP-tagged control reporter expression. RFP fluorescence bleedthrough is visually apparent upon comparison with A. (C) Comparison of control reporter expression between clones. Includes data aggregated across nine images taken from six separate eye discs. Data were limited to cells within the region of elevated GFP expression that were of approximately comparable developmental age (see S2E–S2G Fig). Measurements are stratified by their assigned labels. Before correction, expression differs between clones (black boxes, p < 10−5). No difference is detected after correction (red boxes, p > 0.05).

Fig 3