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Fly-QMA: Automated analysis of mosaic imaginal discs in Drosophila

Fig 1

Perturbing gene expression via mitotic recombination.

Experimental framework using mitotic clones to test whether or not regulatory interactions occur between a perturbation target and reporter of interest. Blue and green markers represent the respective genes encoding the perturbation target and the reporter. (A) A perturbation-induced decrease in reporter levels would confirm that regulation occurs. (B) Mitotic recombination generates clonal subpopulations carrying zero, one, or two copies of the gene encoding a perturbation target. Black lines depict a genetic locus. Only genes downstream of the recombination site are subject to recombination. Red markers represent a gene encoding a clonal marker used to identify the resultant clones. Red shading of large oval reflects relative clonal marker fluorescence level.

Fig 1