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Direct prediction of regulatory elements from partial data without imputation

Fig 5

Segmentation of 127 Roadmap Epigenomics cell types using 12 marks.

(a) Presence (blue) and absence (white) of the 12 marks used in the new segmentation. Red box indicates the 7 new marks. (b) Mean signals of chromatin states in the previously published 5-mark map (top) compared with the mean signals of chromatin states inferred using 12 marks (bottom). State colors used in genome browser are shown on the side in each row, along with state ID and proportion of the state in the genome. (c) Example browser view of the previous map compared to the new map at the CIITA gene (hg19 chr16:10,900,000–11,150,000). (d) Zoomed in views at CIITA promoter.

Fig 5