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Constrained inference in sparse coding reproduces contextual effects and predicts laminar neural dynamics

Fig 4

Size tuning and surround suppression.

Dependence of neural responses on the size of a circular moving grating presented at the cell’s preferred orientation. (A) Single-cell size tuning curves in primary visual cortex of cat exhibiting surround suppression (top) or saturation (bottom). Redrawn from [5]. (B) Size tuning curve of exemplary units in the model showing similar behaviour as in (A). (C) Distribution of suppression indices SI for the full model with long-range interactions. Values of 0 correspond to no suppression, values of 1 to full suppression. (D) Change in SI (ΔSI = SIwith long − SIwithout) induced by long-range connections. Enhanced suppression occurs more frequently than facilitation in population a, while in population b one observes the opposite effect.

Fig 4