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The role of actin protrusion dynamics in cell migration through a degradable viscoelastic extracellular matrix: Insights from a computational model

Fig 10

Simulation results for cell migration with force-dependent and force-independent adhesion disassembly.

Simulation results for force-dependent (ζdiss = 2×104 and ζdiss = 8×104, see Eq 7) and force-independent adhesion disassembly rate. (A–C) Comparison of box plots of average absolute cell migration velocity (vmigr,abs), total number of protrusions (#prot) and protrusion lifetime (τprot) as function of force-dependent and force-independent adhesion disassembly. Horizontal bars indicate a significant difference between outcome parameter values of two groups of 12 simulations, calculated by means of the unpaired two-sample t-test. Statistical significance: * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.005. Outliers shown in gray.

Fig 10