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The role of actin protrusion dynamics in cell migration through a degradable viscoelastic extracellular matrix: Insights from a computational model

Fig 8

Results of a cell migration model parameter study.

Box plots of average absolute cell migration velocity (vmigr,abs), total number of protrusions (#prot), protrusion lifetime (τprot) and protrusion length (lprot) as function of 3 different model parameters: total number of protrusions (protrusion initiation rate rprot, first row), average protrusion lifetime (adhesion disassembly rate at normal load roff,min, second row) and average protrusion length (protrusion growth time Tprot, third row). For each parameter 5 different parameter values were evaluated and for each parameter value 12 simulations were run. Horizontal bars indicate a significant difference between outcome parameter values of two groups of 12 simulations, calculated by means of the unpaired two-sample t-test. Statistical significance: * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.005. Outliers shown in gray.

Fig 8