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The role of actin protrusion dynamics in cell migration through a degradable viscoelastic extracellular matrix: Insights from a computational model

Fig 4

Force-dependent adhesion disassembly.

(A) Force-dependent adhesion disassembly rate (roff) and (B) accompanying average adhesion lifetime (τadh) as function of adhesion force (Fadh) for example maturation factor fmat = 0.5 and baseline parameter values: reference actomyosin contractile force Fam = 1.2 nN, minimal disassembly rate roff,min = 2.778×10−4 s−1, increase in disassembly rate at zero force roff,0 = 0.2 s−1 and force-dependent disassembly rate parameter ζdiss = 2×104, 4×104 and 8×104 (see Eq 7 and surrounding text for parameter meanings).

Fig 4