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Lineage space and the propensity of bacterial cells to undergo growth transitions

Fig 4

Growth, lineage information, and diversity of simulated cellular lineages at various rates of toxin production at 4 h.

a. Average cellular growth rates (red) and toxin concentrations (blue) 150 minutes after onset of stress are proportional to toxin production rate, with distinct growth regulation regimes. Error bars indicate standard deviation. b. Mutual information between cell pair growth rate differences, in red (or toxin concentration difference, in blue) and their lineage distance reveals a lineage-dependent effect on cellular phenotypes near the regulatable region. c. Dispersion of average growth rate for low toxin production rates. Vertical bar represents the peak mutual information depicted in panel b. d. Growth rate distributions in the population at various toxin production rates as indicated. Red represents the mean frequency at a given growth rate; blue, standard deviation in the frequency.

Fig 4