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Lineage space and the propensity of bacterial cells to undergo growth transitions

Fig 2

Growth rate of E. coli B REL606 GFP+ cells prone to stochastic growth arrest in high lactose reveals lineage dependence.

Numbers indicate time in hours. ad. Colony grown in a commercial microfluidic device with continuous perfusion of minimal medium containing 50 mg/ml lactose as described in Methods. eh. Colony grown with continuous perfusion of minimal medium containing 2 mg/ml glucose, which does not predispose cells to growth arrest. a, e. Growth kinetics of a selection of cells. Individual trajectories are divided by cell division or different growth rates by a least-squares fit of the data to the model L(t) = L0egt. b, f. Growth rates from exponential model fit. Vertical lines indicate cell division times for the corresponding trajectory color. c, g. Selected frames of the time-lapse microscopy experiment. d, h. Lineages derived from time-lapse microscopy. Colors indicate growth rate. Lack of color indicates insufficient data for a significant fit. Note asymmetry in d and symmetry in h.

Fig 2