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Inferential Structure Determination of Chromosomes from Single-Cell Hi-C Data

Fig 4

X-chromosome structure ensemble at 500 kb resolution.

(A) Four principal conformers representing the posterior ensemble. Top: Trace plots showing all members of each cluster. The color palette indicates chromosome position ranging from centromere (blue) to telomere (red). Bottom: “Sausage representation” with the tube thickness indicating the local precision of bead positions. Unmappable beads 1–10 (1–5 Mb) and 48–66 (24–33 Mb) have been omitted for clarity. (B) Root mean square fluctuations (RMSF) within each cluster of the ISD ensemble and within clusters of the ensemble from the original single-cell Hi-C publication. (C) Three-dimensional feature maps for the first structural cluster. Regions involved in trans-chromosomal contacts are shown as red density. Lamin-B1 enriched regions are shown in yellow. H3K4me3 enriched regions are shown as blue volume. The overall shape of the cluster is shown in mesh representation. The orientation of the maps shown on the left is identical to the orientation of the ensemble shown in panel (A). The maps shown on the right are rotated by 180° about a vertical axis.

Fig 4