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Inferential Structure Determination of Chromosomes from Single-Cell Hi-C Data

Fig 2

Inferential structure determination of the mouse X chromosome from single-cell data.

(A) Pooled histogram of all distances involved in an experimentally observed contact. The left peak corresponds to experimental contacts between consecutive beads that are neighbors in the chromosome fiber. The red dashed line marks the contact distance dc. (B) Cis-chromosomal contacts from single-cell Hi-C and (C) distance matrix obtained with the Lennard-Jones potential. (D) Model evidence for both excluded volume potentials without and with FISH data shown as a function of the replica temperature. (E) Distribution of the radius of gyration for the Lennard-Jones prior without and with FISH data. (F) Matrix of standard deviations of pairwise distances reflecting the spread of the sampled X-chromosome conformations. Shown is the result for the Lennard-Jones potential with additional FISH data. The color palette ranges from black to yellow indicating small to large standard deviations.

Fig 2