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Assessing Concordance of Drug-Induced Transcriptional Response in Rodent Liver and Cultured Hepatocytes

Fig 1

Concordance of azathioprine in rat primary hepatocytes and rat liver.

Azathioprine incubated at 4 μM for 24 hours in RPH (X-axis) is compared to rat liver 6 hours after administering a 30 mg/kg dose (Y-axis) using A) 9071 liver-expressed genes, B) GSA analysis of 1840 gene sets and C) 415 co-expression modules. The concordance is quantified using the Pearson correlation coefficient R and percent overlap among the highest 5% of differentially expressed features. Features in blue are in the top 5% for RPH only, those in green in the top 5% for rat liver only, those in pink in the top 5% for both models, and those in orange (only observed here for gene-level analysis) are in the top 5% for both models but induced in one model and repressed in the other. The Venn diagrams denote overlap among the top 5% of features.

Fig 1