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NINJA-OPS: Fast Accurate Marker Gene Alignment Using Concatenated Ribosomes

Fig 4

Alignment accuracy of NINJA vs USEARCH 8 (where both reported a match).

Each point on the graph represents a sequence for which both tools found a valid alignment. A point’s position along the X axis corresponds to alignment score (in %ID) for the match chosen by USEARCH 8, and its position on the Y axis corresponds to the alignment score against the match chosen by NINJA. Points along the diagonal represent sequences for which both tools picked the same quality match. Points above the diagonal correspond to sequences for which NINJA produced more accurate hits, and points below the diagonal represent sequences for which USEARCH 8 produced more accurate hits. Note the presence of a line at the top of the graph showing a number of sequences for which NINJA selected a perfect match from the database while USEARCH 8 could not.

Fig 4