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An Ovol2-Zeb1 Mutual Inhibitory Circuit Governs Bidirectional and Multi-step Transition between Epithelial and Mesenchymal States

Fig 1

Experimental evidence for Ovol2-Zeb1 mutual repression.

A) Zeb1 binds to the Ovol2 promoter in mouse mammary epithelial cells. Top, diagram showing the presence of Zeb1 consensus motifs (triangles) in Ovol2 promoter. Bottom, ChIP-PCR using primers for the upstream (left) and downstream sites (right). B) RT-quantitative PCR analysis showing that OVOL2 and ZEB1 overexpression in MCF10A cells results in decreased level of Zeb1 and Ovol2 transcripts, respectively TSS, transcription start site.

Fig 1