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Connectivity Homology Enables Inter-Species Network Models of Synthetic Lethality

Fig 4

The landscape of human synthetic lethality.

This network depicts all gene pairs with SINaTRA score ≥0.95 (1,229 SL pairs) that map to Reactome pathways (458 pairs). Here, each hexagon represents one high-level pathway designation in Reactome. Larger nodes indicate more SL pairs with that designation. Within the hexagonal nodes, we show the networks of synthetic lethality where both members have the same function in Reactome. Each node is a gene and an edge represents a predicted SL interaction. Gene nodes are weighted by degree and colored by closeness centrality. In turn, weighted edges join hexagonal nodes if pathway-divergent pairs exist; that is, one member of the pair is of one pathway while the second member is of the other. Edges are weighted by the number of pathway-divergent gene pairs associated with both pathways.

Fig 4