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Decoding Structural Properties of a Partially Unfolded Protein Substrate: En Route to Chaperone Binding

Fig 10

Intra-protein network representation of native and intermediate structures.

Network graphs of N, I1, and I2 are shown in panel A-C, respectively. The nodes represents the amino-acid residues, communication pathways are depicted in bold lines and two connected residues by thin lines. Residues are colored from dark to light violet according to their communication efficiency, calculated by the number of residues to which they are connected. High communication between interacting residues describe pathways of well-defined interactions and such chains of residues constitute the communication pathway through which signals are transmitted efficiently. D-F) Snapshots of native and intermediates, highlighting the stable cluster within each structure. The 2D and 3D graphs are drawn with GEPHI and CHIMERA. The communication pathways are calculated using the MONETA tool.

Fig 10