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What Is the Most Realistic Single-Compartment Model of Spike Initiation?

Fig 3

Empirical accuracy of the single-compartment HH model.

(A) Spikes of real neurons have a distinct kink at onset (top: human pyramidal cell, adapted from [18]), which does not appear in single-compartment HH models (bottom: HH models of squid giant axon and rat hippocampal interneuron, adapted from [19]). (B) The peak current in somatic voltage-clamp shows a discontinuity as a function of voltage (red), not seen when axonal Na channels are inactivated (black) (adapted from [20]). (C) Spiking responses of cortical neurons in vitro to somatic current injection (black) are well predicted by integrate-and-fire models with sharp spike initiation (blue, first two traces; percentages are proportion of correctly predicted spikes) but not by the Izhikevich model, a variation of the quadratic model (blue, third trace) (adapted from [22]). (D) Phase locking to high frequencies: cortical neurons fire at preferred phases of a sinusoidal current added on top of noise (left), at frequencies up to several hundred Hz (right, vector strength is a measure of phase locking) (adapted from [23]).

Fig 3