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The HIV Mutation Browser: A Resource for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Mutagenesis and Polymorphism Data

Figure 1

Schema describing article acquisition, mutation curation and data presentation for the HIV mutation browser.

A list of HIV-related PubMed article identifiers (PMIDs) are retrieved from PubMed. The publishing journal of each article is compared against a list of participating publishers (i.e. publishers that have given permission for bulk PDF downloading, computational parsing of PDF and display of articles details). Permitted articles are retrieved from the publishers website as PDF files. Retrieved articles are computationally text-mined to parse patterns commonly used in the literature to denote mutations. Each mutation is then mapped onto the HIV proteome. Mutations are stored in a relational database and accessed through a web interface, the HIV mutation browser. The HIV mutation browser organises the data by protein and residue and integrates ancillary information relevant to the users. See methods section for more details.

Figure 1