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Hydrophobic Compounds Reshape Membrane Domains

Figure 1

Effect of hydrophobic compounds on the stability of membrane domains.

(a) MARTINI models of the hydrophobic solutes chosen for this study (colored in gray), phospholipids and cholesterol. (b) Side view of the phase separated membrane in the presence of fullerene at 295 K; DPPC is colored in blue, cholesterol in yellow, and DLiPC in red. (c) Top view of membrane systems with and without solutes (295 K, high solute concentration). Only one leaflet is displayed, and only one particle per lipid is shown (phosphate group), in red for DLiPC and in blue for DPPC. Solutes, cholesterol, and water are omitted for clarity. (d) DLiPC-DPPC contact fraction for the same systems; the solid blue line is for the case without solutes, the dashed lines are error estimates.

Figure 1