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OpenCyto: An Open Source Infrastructure for Scalable, Robust, Reproducible, and Automated, End-to-End Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

Figure 2

Comparison of a subset of manual gates and OpenCyto automated gates for a representative sample from the HVTN080 ICS data set.

The automated gates are data-driven. Each panel shows a corresponding manual and automated gate side-by-side. The left panel is the manual gate; the right panel is the OpenCyto data-driven gate. Parent population names differ between manual and automated gates for singlets and lymphocytes because the automated gating hierarchy differs from the manual gating by including boundary and boundary debris gates, respectively, before these populations. Starting at the top left and proceeding along the rows, the gates shown are singlets, live cells, lymphocytes, CD3+ T-cells, CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells, IFN-γ+ and IL2+ expressing CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells, and Granzyme B+ and CD57+ expressing CD8+ T-cells. The manual and automated gates are very comparable.

Figure 2