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Viral Quasispecies Assembly via Maximal Clique Enumeration

Figure 2

Performance in (A) frequency estimation and (B) distinguishing reconstructed local haplotypes.

(A) Ten haplotypes were sampled with different frequencies (x-axis, logarithmic scale), and the mean deviations of the estimated to the true frequencies are reported for ten repetitions of the simulation (y-axis). The different symbols represent data sets with coverages 400×, 800×, and 1600×. Color indicates whether the genome was fully covered by predicted haplotypes (blue) or not (orange). (B) Performance in distinguishing reconstructed local haplotypes, depending on pairwise distance and coverage. The displayed percentages are the fractions of super-reads that do not match any true haplotype without error. Color-coded is the fraction of super-reads that match exactly one true haplotype (100%, orange; , blue; , violet).

Figure 2