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Quantitative Protein Localization Signatures Reveal an Association between Spatial and Functional Divergences of Proteins

Figure 4

Most proteins are localized at multiple subcellular compartments.

(A) The ten compartments with the highest numbers of assigned ORFs at a Bonferroni-adjusted threshold of <2.5×10−4 (RNP = ribonucleoprotein). (B) Distributions of ORFs with different numbers of assigned subcellular compartments. The assignments were based on P-profileSVM with all 73 compartments, P-profileSVM with a reduced set of 22 compartments, UCSF, and SGD GoSlim cellular component annotations (M = medians, μ = means of the distributions). (C) Comparisons of the mean numbers of compartments assigned to an ORF by different profiling/annotation methods. (Cytoplasmic/Non-cytoplasmic ORFs = ORFs assigned or not assigned with cytoplasm, respectively; error bars = standard errors; *** = P<0.001, two-sided permutation test for the difference in means.)

Figure 4