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GEMINI: Integrative Exploration of Genetic Variation and Genome Annotations

Figure 3

The GEMINI browser interface.

In an effort to enable collaborative research and to support users who are less comfortable working on a UNIX command line, we also provide a web browser interface to GEMINI databases. This figure depicts the browser interface to the GEMINI query module; and, as illustrated in the navigation bar, interfaces also exist to other built-in analysis tools (e.g., for finding de novo mutations) and to the GEMINI documentation. (A) The browser interface to the query module allows users to run custom analysis queries in order to identify variants of interest. (B) Users may also enforce “genotype filters” that restrict the returned variants to those that meet specific genotype conditions or inheritance patterns. (C) Additional options are provided allowing the user to 1) add column headers describing the name of each column selected, 2) to create automatic links to the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) from the reported variants, thus facilitating data exploration and validation, and 3) to report results to either the web browser or to a text file for downstream analysis.

Figure 3