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Bacteria-Human Somatic Cell Lateral Gene Transfer Is Enriched in Cancer Samples

Figure 1

LGT from bacteria to human somatic cells using Trace Archive data.

The schematic illustrates our pipeline that identified 319 clones (a) and 680 traces (b) with the hallmarks of LGT from bacteria to humans using Trace Archive data (Panel A). The traces and clones with similarity to Lactobacillus casei are randomly distributed across the bacterial genome (Panel B). The BLAST search results for one of these reads shows the left portion with similarity to Lactobacillus casei ATCC334 (Panel C), while the right portion of the read has similarity to the human SCCA2 gene (Panel D). The transfer of Lactobacillus casei DNA occurs in the fourth intron of the SCCA2 (SerpinB4) gene. The chromatogram (Panel E) shows the junction between the sequences in C and D and appears to be a single, high quality sequence trace.

Figure 1