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An Integrated Computational/Experimental Model of Lymphoma Growth

Figure 6

Lymphoma tumor characteristics.

Histological measurements are shown Eμ-myc Arf-/- (black) and Eμ-myc p53-/- (gray) tumors along the five sets of sections (S1 through S5) of the lymphoma: (A) Endothelial cells per area; (B) hypoxic cells per area; (C) proliferating cells per area; (D) apoptotic cells per area. Sections S1 and S5 are at the tumor top and bottom, respectively, while the other sections are in the interior with S3 being in the middle. Dashes in panels (A) and (C) indicate that no data was obtained; in panel (C), no proliferation was detected for Eμ-myc p53-/- cells in sets S4 and S5, and none for Eμ-myc Arf-/- in set S5, probably due to sample defects. All error bars represent standard deviation from at least n = 3 measurements in each section; asterisk indicates statistical significance (p<0.05) determined by Student's t-test with α = 0.05. The data shows that for Eμ-myc p53-/- there is higher vascularization in the center, higher hypoxic density on the periphery, and higher overall apoptotic density compared to Eμ-myc Arf-/-.

Figure 6