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An Integrated Computational/Experimental Model of Lymphoma Growth

Figure 1

Scheme to obtain the cellular-scale experimental data.

Lymphomas (shown as large orange sphere) were grown in vivo by tail vein injection of either drug-sensitive Eμ-myc/Arf-/- or drug-resistant Eμ-myc/p53-/- lymphoma cells. The inguinal lymph node tumor was excised, fixed, and sliced for histology sections (5 µm apart) every 100 µm along the tumor. A total of five sets (S1 through S5) of histology sections were obtained (for simplicity, the figure only shows three sets). The sections in each set were stained for cell viability (H&E), hypoxia (HIF-1α), proliferation (Ki-67), apoptosis (Caspase-3), and vascularization (CD-31).

Figure 1