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Collective Cell Motion in an Epithelial Sheet Can Be Quantitatively Described by a Stochastic Interacting Particle Model

Figure 5

Average cell velocity profile around the epithelium border.

The average component of the cell velocity () normal to the epithelium border in experiments (dashed lines) and simulations (solid lines) is plotted as a function of the distance to the mean position of the border at different times after free surface unmasking : 0 h (blue lines), 10 h (red lines) and 20 h (dark lines) (the line shown corresponds to average of data sets (bands with 1.5 mm initial interface length were used in experiments). The average was performed as follows: for a given simulation or experiment, the mean border position was computed at the above times. At each of these times, the data of different experiments or simulations were first translated along the -axis such that the mean border position coincided was positioned at . The average over different experiment was then performed (spatial bin size .

Figure 5