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Climbing Fiber Burst Size and Olivary Sub-threshold Oscillations in a Network Setting

Figure 2

Phase dependency of AP spikelet counts.

Phase dependency of IO cell AP spikelet count under natural (intrinsic STO) conditions and when a sinusoidal 5 Hz STO is imposed through current injection. Left panels show the results for full network stimulation, corresponding with e.g. stimulating a fiber beam, whereas the right panels show the results for single-cell stimulation. Under all four conditions, the STO establishes a firing window outside of which the cell does not fire action potentials (the phase range where spikes were not generated is indicated in red), in concordance with earlier findings [17]. However, the actual boundaries of the firing window are different when an oscillation that differs from the intrinsic STO is imposed (bottom panels as opposed to top panels). When the entire network is stimulated, there is a clear phase-dependency of AP spikelet count, as the spikelet count ranges from 1 to 4 depending on the phase (left panels). However, when only one cell in a cluster of 9 cells is stimulated, this phase dependency is less clear, as the spikelet count can still take different values, but is of limited variability and generally equals 2 (right panels).

Figure 2