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Interplay of Gene Expression Noise and Ultrasensitive Dynamics Affects Bacterial Operon Organization

Figure 2

Noise levels in physiologically relevant variables depend on transcriptional coupling.

We computed coefficient of variation [CV] = σ/μ, where σ is the standard deviation and μ is the mean, for simplified modules representing modes of interaction between two proteins: A) catalysis of subsequent steps in a linear metabolic pathway, B) redundant catalysis of the same metabolic step, C) catalysis of metabolic steps following a branch point, D) redundant regulation of a downstream gene p encoding protein P, E) physical interactions resulting in heterodimer formation, and F) covalent modification of one protein by another. In metabolic modules, S, I and P represent substrate, intermediate, and product, respectively. Complete reaction diagrams and parameters are given in supplemental tables (S4, S5, S6). Error bars represent one standard deviation from bootstrap resampling. Results correspond to the single ribosome binding site model (translational coupling), but hold qualitatively for multiple ribosome binding sites as well.

Figure 2