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The Generation of Phase Differences and Frequency Changes in a Network Model of Inferior Olive Subthreshold Oscillations

Figure 1

Proposed network architecture.

A: Model neurons only contain leak and Ca2+ currents and spontaneously oscillate at frequencies determined by the exact density of the associated conductances. Colors of the gl-gCa plane indicate the frequency at which a model with the corresponding density of conductances oscillates; in the white region model neurons do not oscillate spontaneously. The network itself consists of individual neurons (red squares) grouped in clusters (colored ellipses; color not related to the frequency). Neurons inside the cluster are connected to 4 neighbors. When two clusters are connected (black arrows) each neuron from one cluster is connected to a random neuron in the other cluster. All connections are gap-junctions. B: Resulting coupling coefficients of all connections in the network. This specific network is used throughout the manuscript for demonstration purposes.

Figure 1