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Computing with Neural Synchrony

Figure 12

Synchrony receptive fields in the auditory and visual modalities.

A, Binaural hearing with realistic sound diffraction. The sound S arrives at the two ears as a binaural signal (FR*S, FL*S), where FR and FL are location-dependent filters, and is subsequently processed by two monaural neurons with receptive fields NA and NB. The synchrony receptive field is the set of source locations such that NA * FR = NB * FL. B, Pitch. Two monaural neurons with different preferred frequencies fire in synchrony for a pure tone or resolved partial with frequency 1/f0, at the intersection of the two amplitude spectra (provided that the phase difference is compensated by appropriate delays). C, Binocular disparity. Two retinal ganglion cells fire in synchrony when there is an object at the convergence point of their fixation lines. D, Edges and textures. Two visual neurons with circular receptive fields fire in synchrony to images that are invariant to translations of the vector linking the two receptive field centers: edges with the same orientation and spatially periodic textures with the period given by that vector.

Figure 12