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Prediction of Drug-Target Interactions and Drug Repositioning via Network-Based Inference

Figure 5

Dose-response curves of experimentally validated polypharmacology activities on estrogen receptor (ER) and dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV).

Dose-response curves for inhibitive activation: montelukast to DPP-IV (A), for transcriptional activation: tamoxifen (Tam) to ERα (black solid line) and ERβ (red dash line) (B), diclofenac to ERα (black solid line) and ERβ (red dash line) (C), simvastatin to ERβ (D), ketoconazole to ERβ (E), itraconazole to ERα (F), itraconazole to ERβ (G). In A–G, error bars were presented as the mean SD (standard deviation) of three duplicate determinations.

Figure 5