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Prediction of Drug-Target Interactions and Drug Repositioning via Network-Based Inference

Figure 4

Predicted and bioassay results of new identified drug-target indications for five known approved drugs.

Data shown are the mean for at least triplicate measurements. aOriginal pharmacological target information was extracted from DrugBank ( b50% relatively effective concentration is the concentration of the tested chemical showing 50% of agonistic activity of the maximum activity of E2. REC50 provides the estrogenic activity relative to that of E2. cAntiproliferative activities were assayed on human MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell line by MTT assays. IC50: half maximal inhibitory concentration, EC50: half maximal effective concentration, ER: Estrogen Receptors, DPP-IV: dipeptidyl peptidase-IV.

Figure 4