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Automatic Filtering and Substantiation of Drug Safety Signals

Figure 2

Cytoscape graph for QTPROL-haloperidol.

The results of the ADR-S workflow can be visualized as a graph in which the nodes are proteins, compounds and clinical events. A: Detail of the network depicting the haloperidol targets, the proteins associated with QTPROL and the connection between them. The proteins encoded by the genes KCNH1, KCNH2 and CACNA1C constitute Drug-Event linking proteins between haloperidol and the terms corresponding to QTPROL. B: Detail of the targets of haloperidol, showing the adrenergic receptors (light blue) and the drug transporter encoded by the gene ABCB1 (purple). In both graphs, the multiple edges between two nodes represent different evidences for the corresponding association between the nodes.

Figure 2