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Joint Modelling of Confounding Factors and Prominent Genetic Regulators Provides Increased Accuracy in Genetical Genomics Studies

Figure 1

Illustration of the PANAMA model.

(a) Representation of the linear model used by PANAMA to correct for the effect of confounding factors. (b) Alternative settings of confounders in relation to true genetic signals: First, orthogonality between confounders and genetics. The variation in the gene expression levels (green arrow) can be better explained by the SNP (blue arrow). Second, statistical overlap between variation explained by confounders and the genetic variation as often found in trans hotspots. Gene expression variation can be equally well explained as genetic or due to a confounding factor. Previous methods focus in the first setting, while PANAMA is able to handle both situations. (c) PANAMA applied to the yeast eQTL dataset. Pronounced trans regulators that overlap with the learnt confounding factors are highlighted in red.

Figure 1