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Receptive Field Inference with Localized Priors

Figure 10

Empirical Bayes (EB) and fully Bayesian (FB) estimates on V1 data.

(A) ALDsf estimates for a single V1 simple cell under EB and FB inference, from 30 seconds (above) and 4 minutes (below) of training data. There was no significant difference in cross-validation error (numbers below in red, averaged over 100 resampled training sets). (B) Marginal posterior variance of RF coefficients, averaged across pixels and across all 16 cells, under EB and FB inference. As expected, FB estimates of the posterior variance were higher, especially for small datasets, reflecting the effects of posterior uncertainty in the hyperparameters. (C) Average cross-validation error across 16 cells for FB and EB estimates. For all amounts of training data, error rates were nearly identical, indicating that the FB posterior mean (computed via MCMC) is not superior to the more computationally inexpensive EB estimate.

Figure 10