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Thousands of Rab GTPases for the Cell Biologist

Figure 8

Increasing tissue specificity in expression of derived Rabs in mice.

Summary of PCR experiments establishing expression (black squares) or lack thereof (white squares) of mouse Rabs in six tissues and five mouse cell lines. Stars on the bottom indicate subfamilies which we found already present in LECA, and that predate the evolution of multicellularity (see Figure 7). Branches coloured in blue in the phylogenetic tree of mouse Rabs on the left are those for which we test the hypothesis that derived subfamilies are expressed in the same or in a subset of tissues of the Rab they were derived from (see Figure 7 for a summary of which Rabs have a clear origin). Abbreviations: subfamily (sf.), primary Hepatocytes (Prim. Hepatoc.), multicellularity (multic.), last eukaryotic common ancestor (LECA).

Figure 8