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Thousands of Rab GTPases for the Cell Biologist

Figure 5

Rab subfamily expansions relative to Metazoa in a dataset of 247 genomes.

For each of the eukaryotic taxa (as derived from [115]), (A) displays the relative size compared to Metazoa of each human Rab subfamily on average per genome. The dashed line represents the average in Metazoan genomes, i.e. any circle lying on that line represents a human subfamily that has the same amount of members on average per genome than on average in Metazoa. Similarly, any circle to the left represents a subfamily that is smaller compared to Metazoa, finally, all on the right are expanded compared to the Metazoan average. Note that the axis are in logarithmic scale. In addition to the numbers indicating the human Rab subfamily, a colour code to distinguish subfamilies is shown below, where similar colours indicate proximity in the phylogenetic tree of human Rabs. The same plot for all other Rabs is shown in (B), again on a logarithmic scale. All sequences used are accessible at Abbreviations: subfamily (sf.).

Figure 5