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A Mathematical Model of Muscle Containing Heterogeneous Half-Sarcomeres Exhibits Residual Force Enhancement

Figure 8

Enhancement by dynamic interactions among dissimilar half-sarcomeres.

Residual force enhancement is produced here in a model of two dissimilar half-sarcomeres connected in series. (A) The length-tension coordinates of the two half-sarcomeres are shown here one second after the end of stretch (circles) and at steady-state (triangles, >30 seconds post stretch). The steady-state length-tension curves, which include passive and active tension, are shown for both half-sarcomeres, along with horizontal lines indicating levels of isometric and enhanced tension for the system. (B) Tension response to stretch (solid trace). The circle marks the time point corresponding to the length-tension coordinates marked by circles in panel A. (C) Time courses of average (black trace) and individual half-sarcomere lengths (red and blue traces). Circles correspond with those plotted in panel A.

Figure 8